exceeding customer expectations

The EXCEEDING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS Workshop is an intensive customer service learning event designed to reveal the secret to achieving and surpassing your customers’ expectations. Through this workshop you will discover the 10 powerful keys to excellent customer service, how to anticipate changing customers needs, deal with upset customers through discussions, case studies, individual and group learning activities.





This workshop is facilitated by Boris Joaquin, head of donor engagement of World Vision in the Philippines and an advocate of excellence in customer service. Although World Vision thrives on donations of individuals and organizations, it was in his leadership that donations grew because of the effective donor care programs he spearheaded.


For the attenders to…

  • Learn to achieve customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • Learn how to exceed what customers anticipate
  • Learn how to anticipate changing customers needs
  • Learn techniques on how to recover lost or potentially lost customers
  • Learn approaches in dealing with upset customers
  • Learn ways to cope with challenging customers
  • Learn what to avoid to prevent customer turn offs

One can attend the workshops during its…

  • Scheduled public run
  • Contact Salt & Light Ventures for in-house trainings

 Call us at 8132732 or 8132703

Send an email at saltandlightseminars@gmail.com



























May 9, 2013
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