the art of persuasion

How to Hone Your Influencing Skills The art of persuasion, of influencing the people around you, is a vital skill in the workplace. Without it, you’ll simply be ineffective. Sure, you can bend people to your iron will, or get people to do what you want with compulsion, manipulation, or coercion, but at the cost [...]

May 9, 2013

the seven last words

NB. Taken from The Seven Last Words devotion from The Church at Better Living (as developed by Ptr. Nes Dedel), Good Friday, 2012     The God who created the world in seven days gave seven words up on the cross on His way to glory; revealing His heart and imparting words that can provide [...]

May 9, 2013

awake and arise

GOSPEL WAKEFULNESS | iDisciple Youth Leadership Camp | December 26-29 | Luzon Baptist Camp, Bataan     Past few days: Challenge was AWAKE Read Colosas 3:12-17   12 Kaya nga, dahil kayo’y hinirang ng Diyos, minamahal niya at pinili para sa kanya, dapat kayonng maging mahabagin, mabait, mapagpakumbaba, mahinahon at mapagtiis. 13 Magpasensya kayo sa [...]

May 9, 2013
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