Influencing skills & strategies #1



Typically in business today there are four categories of important stakeholders we all influence on a day-to-day basis:


  • Clients – you cannot insist that your clients do something.
  • Colleagues – you cannot make your colleagues act against their will.
  • Bosses – you certainly cannot force your boss to agree with your point of view.
  • Suppliers – you may have the upper hand with these people but even so, the relationship will be more effective if it is based on ethical influencing.
























In addition to this, many managers I speak to talk about the issues they face that involve:

  • Working across departments in a matrix structure where authority and responsibility are unclear;
  • Influencing when working outside their own office such as when travelling and, therefore, having no direct control;
  • Influencing across cultures – national and organizational – so no common understanding;
  • Influencing others to accept change – where you require buy-in for success;
  • Influencing upwards – to get your ideas on the table and explored.


All of this suggests that using authority to get things done is fast becoming a fuzzy, ambiguous concept and the ability to influence without formal authority is even more essential.


The Key to Success: INFLUENCE

“Every hour of every day, at every level in every organization,

influential people succeed and non-influential people don’t”

Graham Roberts-Phelps


The Key to Leadership: INFLUENCE

Leadership is an influence process. It is working with people to accomplish their goals and the goals of the organization. Ken Blanchard


The Key to Relationships (as well): INFLUENCE 

Leadership is anytime you are trying to influence the thought and actions of
another individual in either your personal and professional life.
Phil Hodges to Ken Blanchard


Whether you want your kids to behave better, your employees to do a better job, lead people around you, or win new clients, the key is influence. You must become a person of influence if you want people to do what you want.

May 9, 2013
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