Moving into Management: Moving from Managing Tasks to Managing People

Transitioning into a new role can be a bit of a challenge. Tons of adjustments have to be made as you take on a new title, especially if you see yourself lacking in skills and unsure of what you should expect and what lies ahead.
The same can be said about a new manager. Quite often than not, new managers assume their new roles without fully understanding what they are embarking into and what is required of them – a change of mindset complemented by an advance set of skills. What companies have then are managers who lack confidence and are hesitant to assert their leadership.
Moving Into Management: From Managing Tasks to Managing Others is designed to help new managers understand and embrace the responsibilities that come with their new role and equip them with the skills they need to fulfill what is expected of them. This seminar will help them smoothly transition from managing oneself and tasks to managing people.
This program is closest to my reality since I have employed almost 2 decades of my career life. Becoming a manager at age 24 and a top executive at 28. Being involved in various industries (advertising, consumer goods, printing/publishing, fragrances, NGO, digital marketing, telecommunications, BPO and business solutions) and business sizes, from multinationals to locally owned enterprises I believe I am seasoned enough in the management arena to share insights and inputs to those who are recently promoted into a management role.
What can you expect from this workshop…
The seminar features some whole group sessions, but the emphasis is on practical exercises in groups, pairs, and on your own. The workshop also offers many opportunities to work on your real-life management problems in a supportive and totally confidential environment.
This training course helps new managers gain confidence and skills. It focuses particularly on the crucial people skills that you need to supervise and motivate your team. We will work on the group members’ own issues, as well as prepared case studies, in a confidential and supportive setting. During this one-day seminar, we will cover:
* The manager’s role: key management responsibilities
* Leadership and management
* Planning ahead: principles, tools and strategies
* Motivating and managing individuals
* Performance management systems: induction, appraisal and supervision
* Offering effective and appropriate feedback
* The art of delegation
* Leading your team
* Management and leadership styles
* Good communications: verbal and non-verbal messages
* The importance of good listening skills
* Managing with assertiveness
* Time management
* Your current management issues and difficulties
And who should attend?
For anyone stepping on the first rung of the management ladder – they may recently have taken up post or be about to do so. Others with more experience but no formal training will also find the course rewarding.
What participants are raving…
This seminar has made me see more and clearer the goals I need to do 
and set for my improvement and for the improvement of others.
- Joseph Raymundo, Ditus Sapientia Inc.
Thank you for putting together such an eye-opening workshop!
- Lester Busgano, Trend Micro, Inc.
Fun and greate learnings. Very realistic and applicable.
- Raquel Tolentino, Castrol Philippines, Inc.
For more information and training schedules, contact Salt & Light Ventures at or call 813-2703 or 32 and look for Juliet or Kali for inquiries. 
September 20, 2013
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