winning the kyra awards

Being nominated in this year’s Ten Outstanding Young Men Award and my preparation for the Asian CSR Forum in Bangkok brings back memories when we won the KYRA Awards for two consecutive years. When we won the KYRA Awards for excellence in fund raising. With all these Visayan Forum Foundation scandal that gives a wake up and conscience call for complacent NGOs to reexamine their raison d’être, winning that awards reminded me of accountability and the good virtue of stewardship.


Here’s the post of Mayan Quebral, Executive Director for Ventures for Fund Raising, the group responsible for the award.


“Boris’ work with World Vision has earned the organization the distinction of being awarded a KYRA Award – a Philippine based Fund Raising Excellence Award that is given out every two years by Venture for Fund Raising. This is testament to his leadership as Marketing Director of World Vision Philippines!”


Mayan Quebral, Executive Director, Venture for Fund Raising (September 13, 2012)

May 9, 2013
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