Volunteering is good for your health!

Volunteering at Metro World Child
 Volunteering to help others doesn’t only feel good — it can also improve your mental health and help you live longer, according to a new study published Friday in the journal BMC Public Health.


In a review of 40 academic papers by the UK’s University of Exeter, researchers found that volunteers had lower self-rated levels of depression and high levels of well-being and life satisfaction, although findings have yet to confirm this in trials. Volunteers were a fifth less likely to die within the next four to seven years than average.


Volunteering is thought to be especially good for the physical health of older people, by encouraging them to stay active and spend more time outside the home. But young people experience benefits as well: a separate US study published earlier this year in the journal JAMA Pediatrics linked volunteering with improved cardiovascular health in high school students.


Motives behind volunteering include wanting to “give something back” to the community, but if volunteers felt they weren’t “getting something back” in return, then the positive impact was more limited, the researchers explained.


Head researcher Dr. Suzanne Richards said: “Our systematic review shows that volunteering is associated with improvements in mental health, but more work is needed to establish whether volunteering is actually the cause.”


“It is still unclear whether biological and cultural factors and social resources that are often associated with better health and survival are also associated with a willingness to volunteer in the first place.”


A separate study from Carnegie Mellon University in the US announced in June found that volunteering can improve heart health by reducing blood pressure.


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So volunteering is good for your health. Here in the Philippines, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer. Allow me to cite two groups that need volunteers (and even donations) urgently:

MWC Banner

Metro Ministries International Philippines (now Metro World Child) is a global is a global faith-based, humanitarian organization dedicated to serving inner-city children throughout New York City and various urban centers around the world. Metro serves nearly 100,000 children each week with after school programs, Sunday School services, child sponsorship, special programs and personal home visits. 

We are helping the areas of Taguig, Paranaque, and Montalban right now due to the recent monsoon rains and floods.

For volunteering, donations or inquiries, please contact our Manila office here at the following contact details below:


#40 Peter St., Multinational Village, Paranaque City 1708  [formerly Lot 7 Block 8]

Tel: (632) 846.0083 / (632) 825-9645

Fax: (632) 846.1494

Email: info@metroministries.org.ph


Campus Crusade here in Manila needs volunteers to help pack and distribute clothings, canned goods & other food supplies, bottled water, medicines and other disaster relief packages

Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ                                                                                                                                                       


#40 Sct. Borromeo St., Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES                                                                                    Mobile/ Text 0920-9451574.


Through Bank Deposit:
BPI Savings Account:
0031 434 089 64


Metrobank Account:
Timog Branch 098-3-098-20146-8


NOTE: Please inform PCCC Accounting of any deposits made. Text or Email the amount, date of deposit and name of depositor. Text 0920-9451574. E-mail accounting@ccc.org.ph.


August 25, 2013
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